Saturday, 23 January 2010

A short trip - Fujairah

Jan 22 2010 Fri

The northern part of the United Arab Emirates is always a good choice for a weekend treat, away from the hustle and bustle life of Dubai.
It was decided on notice, instead of going for dune bashing on a desert safari, we opted to have some barbecue on some remote beach along Fujairahs' coastline.

Carpet shops along the way. You can haggle for a cheap bargain.

We bought a couple of carpets for 27 USD each. The price is twice back on Dubai.

The weather was still quite cool when we arrived at midday, as we settled on some shade under a rocky hill. But the sky was bland though not that overcast.

There were local fishermen on the beach, and we are just in time for the days' catch. Anchovies.
A full truckload of these and some more. They were quite happy to give us some and other freebies...other fishes and including a dead green turtle.

It must have drowned while inside the fishing net. It was so unfortunate to see such a wonderful creature...lifeless. It was my first time to see a sea turtle this close.

Illegal catch

The fishermen did not care a bit. After posing for me they threw it back on the beach. I was hoping that the turtle is still alive. I went back to the same spot after they have gone and saw the turtles' lifeless body on the sandy bottom.

The beach was clean and water was great for a dip. Unlike beaches back on Dubai, i can see a lot of small fishes even on very shallow waters which means the places here is still unspoilt, due to the sparse population around it. But maybe not for long...

Here's a short video clip of my fish-mongering. We went home that night with some of these anchovies and it made a delicious fish omelet for dinner. =D

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  1. Nice view of the place. Nice photos too.
    So sad to hear about the plight of the unlucky turtle.