Saturday, 7 February 2009

enter 2009

"Three Poles"

I guess the coming of 2009 has been a turning point for me in terms of how i see my images. I never cared to blog before but lately i see it as a great way to share my photos and thoughts to family and friends.

I love to make stories on every photo i take, and before photography came, writing has always been a passion for me (as well as attempts for watercolor painting, pastel, clay modeling and as a weekend bass guitar player)

I am an overseas worker based here on Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This country is rich in culture and heritage providing me with new sights, colors and flavors.

I will be posting some of my adventures and creations here.
The U.A.E has lots to offer for the shutter savvy. It has beautiful d
eserts, rocky mountains, wadis, beaches and historical places that reflect the old life of the desert wanderers before settling on this place permanently.

"Three Poles" marked my first photo for 2009.

These photos are taken on a New Years morning on Abu Dhabi.
Abu Dhabi (pronounced as Abu Zabi for the locals) is great for holidays as the city is as modern as Dubai but not as busy and crowded.

Vegetables at the local market.


  1. An excellent first post my brother! :) Glad you have you here in blogsphere. Btw thats a kick ass header image :D

  2. Oh my goodness---, fruits were organized and two birds snatched the scene---well captured!

  3. that sea shot is just stunning. scenes like these make you just grab a camera and go out to shoot