Thursday, 12 February 2009


Jan 24 09
Backhoe tripping

Saturday afternoons are always tempting for a quick spin around the city for some casual snaps. This time of the year, noontime temperature is a cool 20 degrees C.

And just a few days ago we found a great spot which we decided to keep for ourselves for a while, while we enjoy its "magical beauty" to say the least. I opted to be a bit greedy. =)

But that will be for later.

We decided to visit Jaddaf shipyard on this particular Saturday, since three years ago when i first started photography, I've been there and found the place to be of much interest to the detail/texture-particular snapper.
Its was supposed to be open to the public where old wooden dhows can be found on the shore, their final place of rest.
I was hoping to have some new snaps.

Much to our surprise and a bit of ignorance, the place has been developed and there are fences and gates now. Its no wonder actually since Jaddaf shipyard has been integrated into the mother company, which is where i am working for at the moment.

All we found is that old wharf just outside the yard.


We then found a service road that leads to a highway under construction. I thought that a powershovel is better than nothing and decided to climb aboard. No one but us on that stretch of concrete and sand. If the Dubai police caught us, its another story.

High and wide

(Boi) Edouard trying out his GND filters.

Martian landscape

I imagined myself on a giant rover on Martian soil. No life here Houston.


This place is quite near to the city, or the city came nearer to this place.
You can see the Dubai cityline at the far distance.

Me too! (photo by boi)

Just for posterity. So that you can have a clearer view of the cityline. lol


Sunstars can only mean one thing, it means that very high apertures revealed the hidden dust bunnies on my sensor and how they are thriving like microbes!
There is more life in there than this piece of land.


  1. nice! great job in turning a place of minimal interest into a subject that conveys a story. yan talga ang talent. i've seen great pictures from your previous post and ive been wondering what type of filter you use. ang vibrant kse ng color blue sa pictures mo. nagstart pa lng din ako with photography at nangangapa pa. hehe :9